engineering services

Flow Assurance

Steady State & Multiphase Simulation, Pipeline Slugging, Thermal Modelling, Wax & Hydrate Modelling, Erosion & Corrosion Modelling, Multiflash Software Capabilities

Services - Flow Assurance

Production Optimisation

Reservoir Production Optimisation, Work Over Program development, Wellbore Thermal Modelling, Wax & Hydrate Modelling, Production Reporting, Well & Reservoir Engineering Management, PROSPER, GAP, MBal, Ecrin Modelling Capabilities

Services - Production Optimisation

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis

Numerical Analysis Tools, Separation Performance Engineering Design, Thermal Modelling, Inhibitor Mixing, Wave Loading /Hydrodynamics Vibration Analysis

Services - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis

Mechanical/Structural Analysis

Component Design, Subsea Structures Design, Subsea Manifolds, Jumpers, Riser Component Analysis, Pipeline Installation Analysis, Component Stress Modelling

Services - Mechanical/Structural Analysis

Asset & Integrity Management

Design Review and Auditing, Verification and Surveillance Service, Subsea Structure and Plant Fabrication, Vendor Assessment and Qualification, Erosion & Corrosion Modelling, Life of Asset Integrity Support .

Services - Asset & Integrity Management

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