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Our diverse business activities are designed to provide added values to our client operations throughout their project lifespan. This is continually achieved and enhanced by the engineering and logistics strength of the vast network of partners we work with.

We also provide engineering support for tendering, Method Statements, System Descriptions, Conceptual Design and Preliminary Analysis Assessments.

Structural Analysis and design

    Production System Risers such as;
  • Top Tensioned Risers
  • Steel Catenary Risers
  • Freestanding/Hybrid Risers – SLORS, Bundled System
  • Flexible risers –Unbonded and Bonded
  • Umbilicals-Covers most Catenary Shapes ( Free hanging, Lazy Type etc)

Professional Services

Rigid Risers System from shallow to ultra deep water conditions such as Drilling, Completion, Workover Risers

Installation Analysis

  • Umbilical –Laying , Installation over Subsea Arch
  • Flexible- Reel based systems, Carousels
  • Deployment Analysis

Rigid Conductor Wells

    Tieback Wells
  • Casing Hangers, Slot Recovery, Misalignments, Jackets Offsets
    Exploration Wells
  • Pipe sizing, Strength and Stability Checks
    Platform Drilled Wells
  • Cement Shortfalls, Wellhead Fatigue Assessment

We also handle

Subsea Wells – Flange and Connector Capacity Checks, Structural Integrity of Corroded Wells, Surface Wellhead Movement, Tensioning Requirements

Fixed Wellhead Platform Design

  • Depths ranging from 0m-40m in shallow water conditions
  • Wave Heights not exceeding 7.5m
  • Operating Dead Weight 0-300te
  • Analysis includes Ship Impact, In-service/Installation conditions, Dropped Object Assessment, Lifting/Crane Operation Assessments, Pile Foundations etc.

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